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Corporate Profile

Company name CERARICA NODA Co., Ltd. (japanese page)
Established 1832
Capital 40 million yen
Business objectives 1. Development, manufacture, and sales of “Natural Life Wax Cerarica”
2. Development, manufacture, and sales of items such as products that improve health and the environment that have agricultural and forestry products as their ingredients.
Head office & factory 7202 Nakatsu, Aikawa-Machi, Aikogun, Kanagawa 243-0303 JAPAN
Tel +81-46-285-1265  Fax +81-46-286-2800
President Taizo Noda
Main banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Atsugi Branch; The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Atsugi Branch
Main clients Advanced companies in Japan and other countries that put an emphasis on the environment and produce high-quality and safe products
Patents Refining methods for various Cerarica such as carnauba wax, rice bran wax, candelilla wax, sugar cane wax, beeswax, and Japan wax; reforming processes for state of the art fields; others